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Do you want to share your experience with bed bugs on our podcast?

Would you like to discuss your experience with bed bugs on a bed bug podcast?

How it would work, just go over some of the questions listed below, I'd ask to make sure you are ok with them, adjusting any as needed.

Then I text you a link you click on and it joins you right into the podcast recording. The show would post soon after we recorded it, and I would send you a link as well for you to listen to or download if you wanted it. We can be very flexible on time/day we do this around your schedule.

This is something new we are doing, but I think it will really help people who are going through it themselves.

We can chat on the phone prior to recording the podcast for a minute to explain the process, and answer any last minute questions you have.

"Surviving Bed Bugs" series

Bed Bug Radio

Interview Questions:

  1. How long ago did you have your experience with bed bugs?

  2. How did you find out that you had them?

  3. What was your initial reaction/feelings?

  4. Did you have a reaction to bed bug bites?

  5. What was your reaction?

  6. Did you do anything to treat bites?

  7. Did you attempt self treatment or hire an Exterminator, or both?

  8. What was done?

  9. How did the process go?

  10. Do you know where you got them from?

  11. Did you tell friends or family?

  12. If so, what were their reactions?

  13. How long have you been bed bug free?

  14. What would you have done differently?

  15. Do you have advice for anyone currently dealing with them?

  16. Anything else you want to add or comment on?

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