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Bed Bug Extermination 

If you suspect bed bugs in your Central, New York home, call CNY Bed Bug Extermination for immediate assistance with bed bug removal and extermination. We service all of New York State.

Bed bugs can enter your home through bedding or clothing from an infested site, or from upholstered furniture you bought at the store, garage sale or picked up off the curb. Bed bug elimination and removal is a tricky thing. Once they get into your home, they simply go to work looking for all the best places to build their nests and that happens to be beddings. The bites from bed bugs can easily become a horrible experience with some bites actually becoming infected. Although bed bugs do not cause structural damage to your home, they can devalue your house if you are looking to sell. Buyers are very cautious and educated in the pitfalls of bed bug removal. Buyers will have a hard time wanting to take on a house with this situation. Quick and effective treatment needs to commence as soon as the bed bugs are noticed. Removing bed bugs is not a job for home remedies or over-the-counter treatments.

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