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Below we have listed some frequently asked questions to help you better understand us and how we can help you.

How much are your extermination services?

We charge a flat rate of $149 per room to treat.

We offer a LIFETIME warranty with out preventive program. After the initial treatment(s) to exterminate the Bed Bugs, we return every 6 months to inspect and do a preventative treatment for $25 per room.  You are covered under warranty as long as you are active in the preventative program, which means no cost extermination(s) in the unlikely event you get re-infested at any point.  If you decide against the preventative program, you are covered but the standard warranty.

Will you treat just one room?

No. We only provide service to the entire home due to the probability of them spreading.  If you cannot afford to treat the entire home, hold off on the extermination until you can. Treating certain areas of the home is a waste of money and will not provide an effective extermination. 

Do you provide preventive services? 

Yes. This is covered under our Service Contract. We charge $25 a room for every room of the house per service. This includes full inspection for Bed Bugs, and preventive treatment against Bed Bugs (which will also help eliminate all other insects and spiders). Service is provided every 6 months, and we provide a guarantee against any Bed Bug Infestation. In the unlikely event you get bed bugs, we treat your home at no additional cost. You will not be offered a service contract with CNY Bed Bug Extermination if your home has an active infestation. 

Do you provide inspections?

The only inspections we perform are for Service Contract customers. We do not perform inspections prior to extermination. 

We don't provide inspections for a number of reasons, the main reason is cost. Sending someone to perform an inspection is a major expense and by cutting that expense it dramatically lowers our overhead. This means a major savings for you. Just compare our prices to our competitors. We will provide you a free, no obligation phone consultation to guide you though your self inspection and answer any questions or concerns you have about Bed Bugs or our services.

Inspection Warning: You can see Bed Bugs and find the evidence yourself. On average we preform 12 exterminations a month for people that did not have bed bugs. These families were completely convinced they did have Bed Bugs because an exterminator did an inspection, and lied to them. This is often done to scare them into paying for a treatment they don't need. If a company offers free inspections, be even more leery. Don't get me wrong, there are good companies out there, but there are also bad guys. 

Are you discreet?

YES. We are one of the few extermination companies that can come in stealth. We don't have any markings on our vehicles, and operate sedan's and SUV's. That means no plain white kidnapper van in your driveway either.

Do I have to leave during the extermination?

Yes, but have no fear. We wear body cameras during the entire process to document everything we did when we were in your home. 

Do I have to remove pets from the home during the extermination?

If you like them, yes. 

How soon can I get an extermination done?

Same day and next day service are often available. 

What is your service area?

We service all of NYS.

Northern NJ,  and most of PA may be serviced on a case by case basis. 

You don't have as many reviews as other exterminators, why? 

Other exterminators offer a number of services from ants, spiders, bees and rodents. These services do not have the social stigma attached with them that bed bugs do, so their customers are less reluctant to leave a review. Bed Bugs do not discriminate. The wealthy and poor, and the clean and dirty all get bed bugs. There is nothing to be ashamed of. We do not push our customers for reviews because they often do not wish to publicly admit to having dealt with a bed bug issue.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to call or text us at 607.591.4563

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