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The Bed Bug Blues

Remember playing hide and seek as a child? Bed bugs have taken the simple game to a new disturbing level. Your bed isn’t the only place in which they will disappear. For a bed bug, your bedroom is a dream come true. They can hide behind picture frames, inside the cracks of your nightstand, under your baseboards, even within electrical outlets. If there is a dark area in your room, they will find it and vanish. You won’t like them when they come out to play. They know when you are sleeping and that is when they feed. You and your children are on their menu. Bed Bug Blues If you are getting bit at night, you might have bed bugs. Their bites are itchy welts that often come in scattered lines. Turn back your sheets and take a closer look. If you see small, brownish red spots and stains, there is no doubt, you definitely have bed bugs. Ordinary chemicals will not be enough to eliminate the problem. Before you start singing the bed bug blues, you need to call CNY Bed Bug Extermination. We are the local solution to bed bugs in New York State. Our technicians are bed bug experts. Bed bugs cannot hide from us. We know how to find them and know how to get rid of the problem.

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