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Bed with bed bugs

Bed Bugs Hate us.

CNY Bed Bug Extermination is not your average pest control company. We actually aren't a "pest control company", as we don't control pests. We are more of a death squad who has a vendetta against Bed Bugs.


As our name would suggest, we only deal with Bed Bugs. 

For the past 17 years we have been constantly researching Bed Bugs. We follow the latest industry best practices and put them to the test in our own 1,200 sq. ft. lab.

But more important than Bed Bugs, we know how to help people though this experience. We have seen just about every situation you can imagine, and have helped people reclaim their lives from Bed Bugs. We can help you too.

Our pricing is straightforward. We charge $149.00 per room based on the entire home being treated.

Give me a call, you will speak with me directly, no call centers.. no pushy sales department.

- Eric Flynn 607.591.4563

Planning to self-treat?  Check out BED BUG CONSULTING for a $199 consultation


Our Leadership.

Eric Flynn is the founder of CNY Bed Bug Extermination. Eric is an Associate Certified Entomologist, and most proudly a father of 4. When he is not chasing bed bugs, he is chasing kids!


 Eric is personally responsible for millions dead bed bugs throughout New York State.

Industry Leaders.

Eric has published 6 books on the subject of Bed Bugs as well having contributed to a number of others.   

Eric is currently the board chairman of the NYS Bed Bug Association after being the president for the past 7 years. Eric is also one of the founding members of the NYS Bed Bug Taskforce.

In addition to Bed Bug exterminations, Eric provides onsite consulting and training to schools, businesses, and municipalities throughout the state.

Due to high demand for online training due to COVID-19, Eric and Ashley created the Bed Bug Training Institute to provide online Bed Bed training.

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Our Products.

Eric has developed the CimeX86 line of products through years of trial and error with the help of fellow pest control colleagues and several universities.

Unfortunately due to supply chain and labor issues we currently are facing, the production of these products have been suspended for the time being. 

Bed Bugs 101.

  • Bed Bugs can hitchhike in our clothes and bags to spread

  • 1 adult female bed bug can lay as many as 5 eggs per day

  • In as little as 3 months 1 bed bug can turn into 100's



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