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Why use CNY Bed Bug Extermination?



We aren’t bed bug exterminators, we are bed bug experts.

Bed bugs are all we do. 

We are also on the advisory board of the NYS Bed Bug Association.

We are leaders in the industry. Our business model has proven to work, so well in fact some of our competitors try and copy it. It's easy to copy our flat rate pricing and warranty program, but they just can't seem to meet our level of dedication to customer service and proven success rate. 


We are discreet.

We respond in completely unmarked vehicles. 


We are accountable.

We are fully insured, and wear body cameras on every job.

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.




NEVER worry about Bed Bugs again.

After our initial treatment(s) to exterminate the infestation for $149 per room, we return every 6 months to inspect and do a preventative treatment for $25 per room. Your warranty is valid as long as you are active in our preventative program. In the unlikely event another infestation starts, we do a full extermination at no charge. End the program anytime, no obligation or pressure from us to maintain services.

If you do not wish to have preventative treatments, the basic 1 year warranty for single family homes, or 3 month warranty apartments will be applied to your service.


We are always available. 

Evenings. Weekends. Holidays. When you need us, we are there.

We offer same day / next day service.

We offer straightforward hassle free pricing.

 No inspections. No scare tactics. 

$149 per room

No charge for kitchens or bathrooms if we are doing the entire property.


We are the best value. 

Call around, get prices and warranty information… We always win. 

We are family owned and operated.

Every time you call, you are talking to an owner. Every examination done is performed by an owner of the business. We don’t cut corners.


Feel free to call or text me directly 7am to 11pm, even if you are just looking for some advice. My cell is (607) 591-4563


When you are looking at extermination companies, google the hell out of them. Look at their rating on the BBB as well as google, yelp and other sites that host reviews. 

It is also worth mentioning marketing companies, like A1 Bed Bug Exterminators. They are not a real company, they simply are a marketing company that makes it look like it is a pest control company.  They sell leads to local exterminators for $50 a lead. All the reviews they have don't reflect the actual company that will show up at your door.



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