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CimeX86 - Bed Bug Repellent Instructions.

Do not spray on your bed or other furniture in your home. CimeX86 is designed to repel Bed Bugs. Applying this to your furniture will only cause Bed Bugs to spread throughout the home. Shake well before every use! Spray CimeX86 on footwear, clothing, purses, backpacks, luggage, jackets and anything else you leave the house with. A little bit goes a long way. Re-apply after each wash on washable items. Re-apply once a week to non washable items. Feel free to call or text 607.591.4563 with any questions or concerns. Manufactured by: CNYBBE (607) 591-4563 This product is made in the USA - Made in NYS First Aid: Skin Contact: wash affected area with soap and water. Do not drink product. In case of EMERGENCY call (800) 535-5053 This Product qualifies for exemptions for registration with EPA under FIFRA, 40CFR sec 152.25(f) (1), (2) and (3) minimum risk pesticides.

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