CimeX86 - General Information

CimeX86 is a one of a kind Bed Bug repellent with our proprietary blend of essential oils. (Just like most other insect repellents.) But here's where we are different.... Our proprietary blend of essential oils are blended with our base fluid of distilled water which we have boiled Bed Bugs in. By boiling the Bed Bugs alive, they emit their distress pheromone into the water which warns other Bed Bugs of danger and to avoid whatever it is applied to.

CimeX86 is the ONLY Bed Bug Repellet to be endorsed by the New York State Bed Bug Assocation, having passed rigorous testing from Caldwell Independent Testing Laboratories, NSL Analytical Services, Cornell University and Purdue University.

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CimeX86 - Bed Bug Repellent Instructions.

Do not spray on your bed or other furniture in your home. CimeX86 is designed to repel Bed Bugs. Applying this to your furniture will only cause Bed Bugs to spread throughout the home. Shake well bef